Wholesale Pin Locks

Wholesale Pin Locks

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Wholesale Pin Locks
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    Pin Locks are Great!

    Posted by Nick on Dec 18th 2009

    I am a recent "age-out" alumni from a Drum & Bugle Corp. The Corp Jacket is something that we as alumni hold priceless. Everything on my jacket is really important to me, most of my pins are not made anymore. So if I lose one I can never get it back. That is why I bought the pin locks. I can now put my jacket on and know that I wont lose any of them. Thanks a lot Stockpins.com! this is an elite product!

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    Posted by Axemen M/C ILLinois Chapter 1 on Oct 22nd 2009

    These are the best things since sliced bread. I just ordered 50 packs. We also sell these to other clubs or just when we are out riding and come across other bikers that need some. 50 packs = 600 locks = .23 a piece. We sell them for 1.00 a piece. You do the math.
    Remember, "Ride it like you Stole it"

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