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911 SET
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    Posted by William Hallowell Jr on Sep 11th 2009

    I bought five sets of these pins. One for me, one for my nephew who was a Marine and served 4 tours in Kiwait & Iraq, one for my best friend who served in the Army in the 60's, one for me who also served in the Army in the 60"s, and one in honor of my Father who was a true warrior in WWI, winning silver star, 2 bronze stars, & 2 purple hearts. There are lots of heroes in our country that should be remember and honored, but you would never know that by the babble that comes from our politicians in DC,
    This is a beautiful tribute to those that have given their lives or been will to give their lives to defeat those that want to do harm to American and its citizens.

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    A reminder to Never Forget

    Posted by Vincent Dailey on Apr 14th 2007

    Hello my name is Vincent Dailey, and i just purchased the 911 pin set from you. I believe this pin set represents a part of my life that I will never forget, I was a US Marine for 7 years 90-97, I have been involved with saving lives for some time now, I was part of Desert Storm in the humanitarian mission to save Kuwait from Saddam, I know some will say this was only about oil but I was there and I saw the people who had their country stripped from them by that tyrant. I was also in one of my assigned embassy duty locations in Cairo Egypt when a attempt terrorist attack on the US Embassy was made, we protected it effectively, and now I work to protect the airtraffic control tower here in Miami Florida from any possible attempt to infiltrate the tower by would be terrorist. The way I look at it i have been engaged in this fight since the beginning before 911, but i never forget the lost souls, and its a common reminder to me, we can NEVER FORGET what has taken place on our soil, NEVER.