Let The People Vote Lapel Pin

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Dimensions: L X W X H (Inches):
1 X 0.25 X 0.75

Let The People Vote Lapel Pin.  Show your support for voters rights and equal access to the polls.  Laws are being passed in Georgia, Texas and other places that aim to restrict access to the polls and the laws are designed to disproportinately affect people of color in an effort to reduce turnout in upcoming elections.  This country was founded on the principal that all are created equal and the only way we can continue to pursue that legacy is to allow everyone equal access to vote.  Show your support for voters rights.    

This pin measures 1" across and has a hand satin pewter finish.  The background is finished in hand applied matte black enamel.  Each pin is marked Made in USA on the back side and comes with a military clutch.   Individually polybagged.  

Dimensions: L X W X H (Inches):
1 X 0.25 X 0.75
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