Pink Ribbon Dove Pin

Pink Ribbon Dove Pin

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Pink Ribbon Dove Pin
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    pink ribbon dove pin

    Posted by Sandra Bullock on Oct 22nd 2010

    I have several friends who has had breast cancer, so i've always supported the cause an look for things to buy for myself, but when I saw the pink dove pin i knew I wanted to get serveral and give them to friends and family. they so just so beautiful. Thank you

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    Pink Ribbon Dove Pin

    Posted by betty mason on Sep 15th 2010

    I think that this pink Ribbon pin is stating 'Peace'after a lot of pain. Now there is Peace thank you for peace now.

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    Pink ribbon dove pin

    Posted by Nancy on Dec 15th 2009

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Nov 3/09 and I have had a great support of people be their for me, before and after my surgery. These pins are just what I was looking for to say thanks for the support. They are beautiful and represent faith hope for breast cancer.

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    great gift idea

    Posted by jc on Dec 10th 2008

    this makes excellent give-away towards the cause at work/or college

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    Posted by Joy Whitman on Sep 21st 2007

    I love this pin because it not only shows support for breast cancer awareness, but it shows that you also have "faith" that you will get through the ordeal. My sister-in-law is having a Mastectomy on 9/24/07, so I bought these to give to everyone who will be at the hospital showing support during her surgery. I expect her to have a full recovery, and will use this pin to express my support.

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    Expecting Many More Birthdays

    Posted by Colleen on Aug 28th 2007

    I was thrilled to receive my pins in the mail a few days after ordering. I was changing my granddaughters nappy(diaper) in December 2004 when she kicked me in the chest. As I rubbed where it was sore I detected a small unusual lump, so off to the doctor I went. My doctor at the time was Dr Daryl Pye and he got straight on the phone and was not satisfied until I had all the appointments I needed with all the necessary people he considered to be the BEST in their field.
    A few weeks later on New Year's Eve 2004 I had my mastectomy followed by Chemotherapy.........
    Daryl was adamant from the beginning that following a bit of a hard time I would come out quite fine at the other end. I had my hair shaved off before it began to fall out so that was not such a traumatic time. I received compassionate, caring from all sectors of the Breast Cancer Treatment here in my home town of Geelong, and nearly three years on (apart from being overweight) I am feeling fine and carry on with life as I had prior to the event. I feel that any of the people I have had to deal with in the Cancer field are very caring passionate people, and the Cancer Foundation is a fantastic organisation. I celebrated my 60th birthday this month and am "EXPECTING" to celebrate many more. I have three daughters, each of whom I gave a pin, one for myself and one for my sister. I also have two granddaughters and my wish is that with all the good work the Cancer Foundations do world-wide, there will some day be a complete cure or even eradication of the disease.

    Thank you once again

    Sincerely Colleen H