SIDS Awareness Rose Lapel Pin

SIDS Awareness Rose Lapel Pin

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SIDS Awareness Rose Lapel Pin
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None of our products are intended to be used by children. The small parts and makeup of our products is not intended for those 13 and under. uses many different materials including lead-free pewter, zinc, copper, aluminum, nickel, brass, and others. Due to the custom nature of our work and the wide variety of finishing techniques employed in producing our products we can not economically test each individual product for compliance with prop 65. Therefore we choose to place Prop 65 warnings on all our products when shipping to California.

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm.
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    SIDS pin

    Posted by Karla on Mar 28th 2012

    I bought this pin for myself and for my sons grandma. I wear it proudly in honour of my son and all other children taken by SIDS.

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    Posted by NICOLE FORREST on Jun 28th 2008

    I feel that the pins were of a good quality and i handed them out to my family. I am a nurse in the ICU so I wear mine at the hospital also. My only child died of SIDS in January at 41/2 months. I feel like this diagnosis is quite a mystery and a lot more needs to be done research wise. I think people are not as aware as they should be. My daughter died the first day she was brought to the sitter's house.

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    Joseph Michael LeBowsky

    Posted by Michael LeBowsky (Dad) on Feb 27th 2008

    On December 25th 2006 my wife gave me a wonderful christmas present. She told me i am going to be a dad. This my first child. Around the 4th month she we found out it was going to be a boy. That was the happiest day of my life because i would have a son to pass on my name. On august 28th 2007 we welcome joseph michael lebowsky into the world. He was just the most handsome boy i ever seen. Then on December 5th 2007 we received a phone call from his daycare provider telling us that she had called 911 joseph wasn't breathing. So me and my wife laura jumped into are cars from our work places and went to the hospital. When were met by the doctors and staff. They were working on him. After no success the doctors pronouced if passing at 3:05 pm. It was the darkest day of my life. I had to wait for 8 weeks to find out what caused is death. it was lable undetermined. because the way the daycare had if sleeping. on a couch, on his stomach, face facing the back of the couch and with a cover on him. so to honor him by my beautiful baby boy joseph michael lebowsky is to order this pens for me and our whole family. to wear everyday of my life on this stupid planet.

    Thanks Michael LeBowsky

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    Posted by Barbara Knowles on Jan 31st 2008

    I am a SIDS parent my Son died 03-25-1989 at the age of 3mon 25days. I order some every month to help raise SIDS awareness. When someone asks me about the pin, I tell them. They ask me where can get a pin and help spread awareness??. I then pull out a pin and hand it to them and say. Thank you from all of the Angel Mommy??s & Daddy??s.

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    sids pins

    Posted by shea sutherland on Aug 9th 2007

    i love my pins. my son died of sids 7-12-07. i wear my pin all the time to raise awareness. they got to my house very qiuckly. thank you