Starfish 2 Lapel Pin

Starfish 2 Lapel Pin

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Starfish 2 Lapel Pin
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    CREW Appreciations

    Posted by Neil Evansan on Jun 2nd 2008

    We use these Starfish Pins as a small reward (and reminder) for our Seminar CREW. Although it's a small gesture, our CREW really appreciates them, and several people proudly display each pin they receive on their nametags. (I wear 5 on my custom-made Pirate hat) Because I award the Starfish Pins on stage during each seminar wrap-up, I have the opportunity to publiclly Thank the CREW and to tell the Starfish Story, and everyone in the audience is of course moved and delighted.

    The only challenge I have is keeping enough Silver Starfish Pins on hand. Can I have 100 auto-shipped every month? :-)

    ~ Cap'n MantaRayz ~
    5 Starfish Admiral of the Fleet

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    A Nice Reminder

    Posted by Lori M on Aug 27th 2007


    I am the director for a birth to age 5 special education program. My staff work diligently to help the kids in their care. I thought the starfish pin and message were perfect to remind them that they can??t help all the kids, but they can help the ones they are working with right now. I have seen my staff wearing the pins this last week and it??s a nice reminder to them that their job is so important and valuable. Thanks??the cards were perfect.

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    Awesome Pin

    Posted by Terri Wilber on Apr 5th 2007

    Excellent quality, beautiful starfish pin! Great value.

    My only complaint is my own carelessness in dropping the back of the pin and being unable to find it again in a hotel lobby. Guess I'll have to see about a replacement back.