Survivor Awareness Ribbon Pin with Color

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Dimensions: L X W X H (Inches):
1 X 1 X 0.5

Survivor Ribbon Awareness Lapel Pin - Show that you are a survivor and support other survivors.  This beautiful cancer awareness ribbon pin features the word SURVIVOR proudly emblazoned down one leg of the ribbon in black enamel.  The other side of the ribbon is color filled with the appropriate color for the cause / illness you choose.  We have the specific color for every awareness cause.  If you don't see yours listed in the menu above, select OTHER and we'll contact you for the correct color.  Each cancer survivor pin measures 1 1/4" X 1" and comes with the standard military clutch back.  Proudly Made in USA

 Below are the official colors for each cause - but as mentioned above, if you don't see your color listed, just select OTHER and we'll make it any color you like.

Adoptee White White
AIDS Awareness Red PMS186
Allergies Gray PMS7538
Alzheimer's Purple PMS2593
Angelman Syndrome Blue PMS300
Amber Alert Yellow PMS114
Animal Abuse Purple PMS2593
Anti-Tobacco Brown PMS464
Aphasia Gray PMS7538
Arthritis Blue PMS288
Asthma Gray PMS7538
Birth Parent Pink PMS1767
Bladder Cancer Yellow PMS114
Blood Doner Red PMS186
Bone Marrow Green PMS354
Bone Cancer White White
Brain Cancer Gray PMS7538
Brain Tumor Gray PMS7538
Breast Cancer Awareness Pink PMS1767
Breast Cancer Survivor Pink PMS1767
Cancer Purple PMS2593
Cesarian Section Burgundy PMS228
Child Abuse Dark Blue PMS288
Childhood Depression Green PMS354
Childhood Cancer Gold PMS136
Child Exploitation White White
Colorectal Cancer Brown PMS464
Colon Cancer Brown PMS464
Colitis Purple PMS2593
Come Home Yellow PMS114
Crohn's Disease Purple PMS2593
Cultural Diversity Orange PMS158
Cystic Fibrosis Purple PMS2593
D.A.R.E. Red PMS186
Depression Green PMS354
Diabetes Gray PMS7538
Disabled Children Gray PMS7538
Distonia Blue PMS288
DUI Red PMS186
Domestic Violence Purple PMS2593
Eating Disorder Light Blue PMS292
Ecology Green PMS354
Education Blue PMS288
Emphysema Gray PMS7538
Endometriosis Yellow PMS114
Environmental Green PMS354
Epidermolysis Bullosa Red PMS186
Epilepsy Purple PMS2593
Equality Yellow PMS114
Esophageal Cancer Light Blue PMS292
Eye Injury Green PMS354
Fibromyalgia Purple PMS2593
Foster Care Purple PMS2593
Free Speech White White
Gang Prevention Black Black
Genocide in Darfur (Sudan) Green PMS354
Gerd Light Blue PMS292
Graves Disease Light Blue PMS292
Gynecological Cancer Purple PMS2593
Hodkin's Disease Purple PMS2593
Headache Burgundy PMS228
Health Green PMS354
HIV Red PMS186
Heart Disease Red PMS186
Hospice Care Burgundy PMS228
Homeopathy Awareness Emerald Green PMS361
Hunger Orange PMS158
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Light Blue PMS292
Kidney Cancer Orange PMS158
Kidney Transplant Green PMS354
Kidney Disease Green PMS354
Leimyosarcoma Purple PMS2593
Leukemia Orange PMS158
Liver Disease Yellow PMS114
Lung Cancer Gray PMS7538
Lung Disease Gray PMS7538
Lupus Purple PMS2593
Lyme Disease Green PMS354
Lymphoma Purple PMS2593
Lymphedema Light Blue PMS292
Macular Degeneration Purple PMS2593
Melanoma Black Black
Mental Illness Gray PMS7538
Missing Children Yellow PMS114
Mourning Black Black
Mental Retardation Green PMS354
Mental Health Lime Green PMS375
MS Gray PMS7538
Multiple Myeloma Burgundy PMS228
Myasthenia Gravis Teal PMS322
Organ Donation Green PMS354
Ovarian Cancer Light Blue PMS292
Parkinson's Disease Gray PMS7538
Peace on Earth White White
Pancreatic Cancer Purple PMS2593
Prostate Cancer Light Blue PMS292
Pro Choice Light Blue PMS292
Pulmonary Hypertension Purple PMS2593
Racial Tolerance Orange PMS158
Reflex Sympathitic Dystrophy Orange PMS158
Retinoblastoma White White
Reye's Syndrome Blue PMS288
Right to Life White White
Rett Syndrome Purple PMS2593
Sarcoidosis Purple PMS2593
Scieroderma Light Blue PMS292
Sexual Assault Light Blue PMS292
Self Injury Orange PMS158
Spinal Bifida Yellow PMS114
Substance Abuse Teal PMS322
Suicide Yellow PMS114
Support Our Troops Yellow PMS114
Testicular Cancer Pink PMS1767
Thyroid Disease Light Blue PMS292
Tissue Donation Green PMS354
Trisomy 18 Light Blue PMS292
Vacterl Gray PMS7538
Victim's Rights Blue PMS288
Water Quality Blue PMS288
Worker Safety Green PMS354
Yopa Gray PMS7538
Dimensions: L X W X H (Inches):
1 X 1 X 0.5
None of our products are intended to be used by children. The small parts and makeup of our products is not intended for those 13 and under. uses many different materials including lead-free pewter, zinc, copper, aluminum, nickel, brass, and others. Due to the custom nature of our work and the wide variety of finishing techniques employed in producing our products we can not economically test each individual product for compliance with prop 65. Therefore we choose to place Prop 65 warnings on all our products when shipping to California.

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm.