Heart Swirl Lapel Pin

Heart Swirl Lapel Pin

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Heart Swirl Lapel Pin
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    Posted by Ginny on Mar 20th 2008

    I belong to an online community, much like MySpace, except it??s only for Moms. It??s called Caf?é Mom. I??ve been a member since last summer. Shortly after joining, I started a new group ?? The Daily Gratitude Journal group, where Moms can go and write a post, counting their daily blessings. This group has become a huge success, with 128 members and more joining all the time. It??s a group with lots of positive energy.

    Last month I had a contest, where the moms posted pictures of Gratitude Symbols, which look like this??.

    I purchased the heart pins to give away to each mom who participated in the contest, as a ??thank you?? gift. If you notice, the heart has little swirls, which resemble the gratitude symbol. These were perfect!

    I was very pleased with your company and how the transaction was handled. And, I??m confident I will purchase other items from you again.