Set of 12 pin-locks.  Locking lapel pin backs

Pin Lock (12pc)

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Pin Lock (12pc)
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    Pin Locks

    Posted by Bob on Feb 9th 2018

    These work great! a bit of Operator error at first, but they are nice!

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    Pin locks

    Posted by Kristie on Oct 13th 2010

    I collect pins when I ride to different places on my motorcycle. The pins kept falling off with conventional backings...I was given a pin lock by a fellow biker and ordered them immedialty! These are fantastic and I have not lost any pins. These are a must!

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    Pin Guards

    Posted by Kristie on Oct 2nd 2010

    Great product...I no longer lose my pins on my motorcycle vest....wished I would have known about them sooner!

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    Pin Guard (12pc)

    Posted by Rob on Sep 12th 2010

    I have a growing collection of pins for my motorcycle vest. Every one of them is important to me for one reason or another; but even if they weren't important, they'd still be expensive to replace if they flew off every time I went for a cruise. These pins guards are the perfect protection for my pins. They are solidly constructed and each pack comes with its own allen wrench. Because of the low profile of the guards I had to snip some of the pin posts to prevent getting poked. The added benefit is that their low profile also reduces the bulk behind my vest that the traditional 'frogs' normally create. Big thumbs up for pin guards! Rob, CT.

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    Pin guards

    Posted by angelrider on Mar 7th 2010

    I am a biker, and have always lost my pins with regular guards. These are the greatest thing and I am glad that there is a site than you can by them less expensively than in the stores.

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    Pin Guards

    Posted by Dansktex on Feb 28th 2010

    I am a volunteer at our airport. We wear vests. I have put flag pins of the 70 countries that I have visited on my vest so that international passengers can see their flag when I assist them. I chose pin guards to assure that the flag pins will not pop off as I take off/put on my seatbelt, my jacket, etc.

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    Just what we needed

    Posted by Nancy Chapman on Dec 26th 2009

    I looked high and low for a way to keep my son's pins on his varsity jacket. He had already lost his soccer ball pin twice. Some suggested that I put super glue the pin clutch on, but I knew that I could never dry clean the jacket with pins on it. With nothing but the patches on the jacket, I took it to the dry cleaners. The attendant there told me that she was part of a motorcycle club, and informed me about pin locks. I found your website and knew that those were just what we needed. I will share your site with other sport moms at our school!

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    pin locks

    Posted by Krazy Kari Sue on Mar 21st 2009

    THIS ARE THE BEST! hubby and I have biker vests and when we go to Veteran reunion, we always try and pick up new pins. These are the best way to protect those memories.

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    Get them. Now.

    Posted by Kevin on Dec 4th 2008

    If you ever attach a pin to anything, stop reading these reviews and just order a couple of bags. I frequently run out of these pin locks because I'm giving them to friends who complain about lost pins. I'm going to start giving out web sites so they can buy their own!