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None of our products are intended to be used by children. The small parts and makeup of our products is not intended for those 13 and under. uses many different materials including lead-free pewter, zinc, copper, aluminum, nickel, brass, and others. Due to the custom nature of our work and the wide variety of finishing techniques employed in producing our products we can not economically test each individual product for compliance with prop 65. Therefore we choose to place Prop 65 warnings on all our products when shipping to California.

Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm.
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    Posted by Melissa Pohl on Jul 26th 2010

    I haven't lost a pin since I have used these pin locks they are WONDERFUL!!! I would recommend this seller as well as this product to anyone who is constantly loosing your valuable broaches, pins etc.!! Thank you for selling such a valuable product!!

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    PSIA name tag and Pin-Locks

    Posted by Chuck on Apr 18th 2010

    I am a PSIA (Professional Ski Instructor of America) member. I work as a ski instructor in Pennslyvania. I have PSIA name tags on my ski jacket, fleece jacket, & fleece vest.The weather can be very cold or warm during the season and the weather can be variable during a single day, and I need to be able to shed or add layers.The name tag gives my clients the abiilty to know my name and then can come back later and take a private lesson from me The name tag has 2 pin(spikes) that go through the clothing and were held attached by butterfly clasps. Being active in skiing ,those butterfly clasps tended to get lost and those spikes would get stuck in my chest. Now that I use Pin-locks, I don't lose my name tags and I am not getting stabbed in the chest!

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    Stock pins

    Posted by Dianne on Apr 13th 2010

    They are GREAT. I am a Disney pin collector , and I haven't lost any since I started using them.

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    Posted by Destry on Jan 23rd 2010

    I highly recommended this device for those who are sick and tired of losing their pin-lock backings at crucial times!

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    Great for Scouts! Or adults with heavy coats!

    Posted by Lisa F on Dec 3rd 2009

    I have three kids in scouts and was finding that the backs of thier pins were constatly coming loose. This have been GREAT! They cannont play with the pins and loose either the back or the pin! It has saved me from having to replace pins they have earned! This was a GREAT investment! I have two troops and will be telling parents about these locks next time we are ready to give out pins!

    My husband wears a pin on his winter coat and we just locked the newest one and it holds so much better on the thicker material!
    Thanks so much for a GREAT product! I am sure we will be ordering more!

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    Posted by Janet Colletti on Nov 18th 2009

    I teach in a community college in New Orleans, LA. I wear my keys on a lanyard that I have filled with pins that are important to me. I bought the pin-locks when I almost lost my pin that memorializes renewal in New Orleans following Katrina. All my pins are now locked. The one from my mother, who passed recently, the one?â????s from 9-11, and my college pin. This simple things are important only to me, but I?â????m glad for a way to keep them safe.

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    Lovin' em!

    Posted by Eric on Jul 2nd 2009

    I was constantly getting stabbed from pins that had lost their backings, and almost lost two pins that could not be replaced. I found some of these at a local rally and now I am hooked! A great product - everyone who wants to protect themselves and stop worrying about losing a pin should have them.

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    Love Them!

    Posted by Frank S on Feb 16th 2009

    I just got my order of pin locks and I LOVE them. They are absoulutely perfect and I am in the process of placing another order for more.

    I am a member of the Patriot Guard Riders and I posted a thread on their site praising these locks and I provided the link for your company.

    Thank you for this great product! I really needed them.

    Frank S